Mission and Vision of St. Austin's Parish

Mission, Vision, and Core Values

A Mission gives the scope of an institution's operations, defines why it exists and reflects its purpose. A Vision statement is the desired result accomplished when an institution delivers value to its members. It is an institution's picture of future success - where it wants to be in the future.  Core Values are the institution's guiding principles that bind the members together.  The St. Austin's Parish Mission, Vision and Core Values are outlined as follows:

Our Mission

The Mission of St. Austin's is to carry out the work of Christ through worship, fellowship, music, fun and community outreach

Our Vision

"Where there is no vision, the people perish."
(Proverbs 29:18)

A family of God, serving Christ and sharing with one another in Christian Fellowship

The Parish Values


We shall be a united people who are trustworthy, dependable and have mutual respect for self and one another


We shall emulate Christ by being caring and kind to one another


We shall propagate diversity and tolerance


We shall promote fellowship amongst all

Service to Others

we shall commit ourselves in the service of the people of God in all spheres of life


We shall emulate our Lord's family and follow Our Lady's example as we live as one.