CIC is an international community of people, who come together to CIC Church (Loreto Convent, Msongari Chapel)celebrate the Catholic faith. CIC was formed in 1983 by a small group of families who met to celebrate Mass together in the chapel of Loreto Msongari, thanks to the generosity of the Loreto sisters, and to share other social activities. 30 years later, CIC is now a vibrant community with over three hundred people regularly attending our Sunday morning Mass.

CIC is a part of St Austin’s Parish. We operate with the support and guidance of Fr. George Wambua, the Parish Priest of St Austin’s. CIC is run entirely on a voluntary basis: everything we do as a community happens only if someone volunteers to make it happen. This also includes the celebration of Mass, for which our celebrants volunteer: they all have other full time roles in Nairobi.